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Flavor foundations
for delicious curries.
It’s traditional in India to preserve the freshness of ground spice blends by mixing them with a little oil. The end result is an aromatic paste that preserves the fresh, complex flavors - since the oil prevents the volatile oils from escaping into the air. Patak's® makes this tasty tradition accessible to everyone with our line of authentic curry Pastes.
Use pastes for
A simple base for an authentic Indian curry sauce
100% Natural. No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors or Colors.
Tikka Masala Curry Paste
An Indian restaurant favorite, a tikka is a marinated chunk of meat (our Tikka Paste can be used as the marinade) simmered in a deliciously spiced "Masala" – the thick, spiced sauce.
Biryani Paste
A Biryani is a spicy rice-based dish traditionally cooked in a sealed pot.
Curry Paste Hot
A satisfying flavor-packed foundation for a deliciously authentic curry with a fiery kick.
Curry Paste Mild
A mild and robust blend is the ideal base for a deliciously authentic curry sauce.
Madras Curry Paste
Madras paste is robust, hot and spicy, with key flavors of cumin and chilees.
Rogan Josh Paste
Rogan Josh is a dish typical of Northern India. While it is most often served with lamb, the delicious red paste can be used to build a curry sauce for meats or vegetables.
Vindaloo Curry Paste
A tasty blend of spices, garlic and fiery chilees. What’s not to love about the world-famous Vindaloo – unless you’re not a lover of fiery spice, of course!
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