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Our Heritage


Our Mild Curry Spice Paste is expertly blended using our special mix of spices, crafted from our original family recipe. With our Pastes, you can prepare dishes full of authentic flavor, without any of the fuss. Grab a jar and get cooking to create a quick and colorful curry, or even add an Indian twist to your favorite dishes.

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Slow Cooking Inspiration


Pot roasts, stews, soups, and curries: all the one-pot-wonders we love to eat! But sometimes, it's impossible to take the time to stand over the stove, stirring and simmering. That's where the trusty slow cooker comes in, bubbling away for hours on end and gently doing the job for you.

While slow cooking is super simple, we don't think of it as a shortcut; rather, it's an easy way of cooking Indian food well. Of course, an added bonus is that all these recipes will save you time and effort – but the depth of flavor delivered through this method is what really makes slow cooking a winner.

Even better, there's minimal prep required, and we adore the fact that we can go about our day knowing that the slow cooker is doing all the work! From veggie delights to meaty treats, our favorite slow cooker dishes are easy to make and full of big flavor. And don't worry if you don't have the right kit – all these dishes can be adapted for slow oven cooking, too.

Cauliflower curry wide
Curried pulled pork with brioche buns

For something a little bit different, why not try these Curried Pulled Pork Brioche Buns. Using our Tikka Masala Spice Paste, the mix of spices injects warmth and flavor into this classic, giving it a proper Indian twist.

Each of these meals is a treat to cook and even more enjoyable to eat. Try them out for yourself – whether cooking for a crowd, a family, or for two, slow cooking is an easy way to make a meal worth sharing. Just don't forget your naans and fluffy rice!

Let us know if you try out any of these recipes and be sure to tag us if you share any on Facebook or Instagram.

Indian Street Food Inspiration


On every street corner from Mumbai to Punjab, you will find an array of bustling food stalls filling the air with wonderful aromas. This is where locals gather to chit, chaat and chai! Every region boasts its own specialties with its own unique flavors and textures, so the options are endless!

Street food is the easiest (and we believe, tastiest) way to try the best of what India has to offer. Our favorite street eats will show you that there is more to Indian cuisine than just curries and fluffy rice. Let's open your senses and take a bite into real India.

Punjabi Samosa Chaat

Chaat, the Hindi word for lick is also the name of a much-adored Indian street snack. You will find the best Chaat in Indore, a city in the heart of India. Our favorite recipe is quick and easy to make and it's as colorful as it is tasty.

Made from chopped crispy samosas drizzled in mint and cilantro chutney, sweet yogurt and sprinkled with pomegranates and onion – this dish is crunchy, mildly spicy and has a zesty finish from our Lime Pickle.

Punjabi samosa chaat
Bhutte ke kebab

Bhutte Ke Kebab

Bhutte Ke means “of corn” and these light and bright kebabs are full of texture and flavor. Crispy sweetcorn mixed with a hint of spice from our Tikka Masala Spice Paste - they make the perfect snack or starter. Bhutte Ke Kebabs are addictive. Believe us, one is never, ever enough.

Paneer Kaathi Roll

Possibly Calcutta's most famous street food, Kaathi Rolls are mouth-wateringly good. These are usually served wrapped in old newspaper, it really doesn't get more authentic than this.

Our choice of Kaathi Roll is filled with paneer that's been spiced with our Tikka Masala Spice Paste. Feel free to add whatever fillings you like, other popular choices include chicken, lamb kebab, eggs, and potato.

Paneer kaathi roll
Dal ki kachori

Dal Ki Kachori

It wouldn't be right to not mention Kachori. These fried pastries stuffed with dal and bursting with coriander, paprika and ginger from our Mild Curry Spice Paste are crispy, flaky and completely moreish. We love to crush the center and drizzle with our favorite Chutney and Raita.

Explore these authentic, handpicked Indian street eats. For us, this is what real Indian fare is all about – big bold dishes, bursting with authentic flavor, color, and love.

Mouth-watering Meat-Free Meals


Whether you're vegetarian or just cutting down on meat, Indian spices are the perfect way to add some aromatic flavor to your meat-free meals. After all, India is a veggie's paradise, with a large population of Indian's following a vegetarian diet.

Our favorite meat-free dishes are nutritious and simple.

Chickpea Curry is a filling, easy to make and tasty meal. Chickpeas have a lovely nutty flavor and are a great source of protein. This hearty recipe is bursting with the punchy spices of cardamom, cumin, fenugreek and paprika from our Madras Curry Spice Paste. Paneer is a staple of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Despite what you might expect from cheese, paneer doesn't melt. So when it's cooked it retains its texture and shape while taking on the flavor of the spices it's cooked in.

Korma vegetable stack with mattar

Tandoori Roasted Eggplant is an in-house favorite, this dish incorporates Indian flavor and delicious green herbs in order to bring this recipe to life. This dish can be paired with some papadums for extra crunch, too.

Whether you are a strict vegetarian or would just like to add some veggie variety to your diet, spice is a great way to bring some excitement to a meat-free meal – and we've some recipes to tantalize your taste buds below!

Patak's® Christmas Inspiration


Spending time with friends and family is our favorite part of the festive season. Whatever festive feast you are preparing, there's room to spice it up and add some Indian flavor.

We use our expertise in spice blending to create festive recipes full of the flavors of aromatic spices from our Madras, Korma and Mild Curry Spice Pastes - exactly what you need to prepare a festive feast or create something delicious with your leftovers.

Whether you want to ditch the turkey sandwiches or add a spoonful of creativity to your Christmas meal, these recipes will get the whole family excited about Turkey. Madras Turkey Curry is a leftover staple in most houses.

Traditionally in India, an array of food is served in the center of the table and everyone helps themselves. We couldn't imagine a better way to get everyone sharing and talking around the dinner table. Serve your curries with delicious Naans, Pickles, and Chutneys to make a feast your family won't be able to resist.

Our family loves all of these recipes and we have many happy memories of the times we have spent cooking and sharing them. We wish you and yours a flavor-filled festive season!

5 christmas 2 5 christmas

Travel the Spice Markets of India with our 3 Step Curries


Travel the Spice Markets of India with our 3 Step Sauce Kits. Each curry is inspired by a different region; Punjab, Kerala, and Delhi, and just 3 Steps can take you on a culinary journey. Simply fry the whole spices, add in the Spice Paste and stir in the rich curry sauce.

The Punjab region of Northern India is famous for its creamy curries that inspire our Punjabi Tikka Masala. We have combined cumin seeds, green cardamom, bay leaf, fenugreek, and dry chilli to bring you a rich Tikka Masala with a deep rounded flavor.

Why not try it with chicken thighs instead of chicken breast for more flavor? Serve with Basmati Rice and Naan Bread, a classic curry combination.

Our Korma 3-Step Sauce Kit is inspired by the region of Kerala in Southern India. This coastal region is famous for its aromatic coconut curries. Star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and green cardamom blended with the tropical flavor of coconut give this curry a rich yet mild flavor. Garnish your dish with some fresh cilantro to bring some zingy freshness to this rich curry.

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular curries at any Indian restaurant around the world. Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce. The dish was developed in 1947 by the founders of Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi. So the story goes, the cooks of Moti Mahal would mix leftover marinade juices with butter and tomato, and then stew the tandoor-cooked chicken in it. It's unlikely that they had even the faintest idea of what they had stumbled upon – that is, an internationally-loved delicacy. But it is an irrefutable truth of the world that often the best things in life are discovered quite by accident.

We have combined cumin seeds, green cardamom, bay leaf, fenugreek, and dry chilli to bring you a rich Butter Chicken 3-Step Sauce Kit with a deep rounded flavor.

Meals Worth Sharing


Curry night is always guaranteed to get the whole family around the table and we love nothing more than seeing a whole family come together to share a meal.

Traditionally in India food is served in the center of the table. An array of curries, rice, Naan Bread, Pickles and Chutneys make a feast for the eyes. Guests then serve themselves, picking and choosing from the dishes they most enjoy. We couldn't imagine a better way to get everyone sharing and talking.

Naan Bread is a delicious side but it comes into its own when used instead of cutlery. Children love to eat with their hands and this is a great way to get the whole family involved. We guarantee that your children will giggle seeing their parents scoop up their curry with their bread.

Our range of pickles and chutneys go perfectly with Naan, but did you know that adding them to your curry can enhance the flavor? Encourage your family to add some Mango Chutney to their Tikka Masala or some Lime Pickle to their Korma and soon everyone will be sharing their favorite pickle/curry combos.

We would love to hear how you get your family sharing. Share your tips on our Facebook page.

7 meals worth sharing 2 Chickpea and butternut squash curry Butter chicken poutine

Ways to make a Great Curry


We all love curry and there are a few ways to make one (let us know if you can think of any others). This page gives you a brief overview on each method, so have a quick look, then go to our recipe pages and start cooking!

With a sauce

By far the simplest and quickest way is to use one of our sauces. They've been expertly blended to give a great taste but in as short a time as possible. All you need do is fry some onions, brown off whatever meat you're using, then pour over a jar of sauce and simmer for around 15 minutes. Easy, delicious and it definitely doesn't count as cheating.

8 great curry 2
Mild curry chicken Chutney chicken wings Butter chicken stuffed peppers

With a curry spice paste

Our curry pastes make the most delicious and authentic-tasting curries. It's not too different to what goes into a curry from scratch (check out below to see how that's done) but it is a whole lot quicker. That's because the spices are ground for you, then immediately blended with oil. This way the ground spices are caught at their freshest before air gets to them and starts to change their flavor profile. To use our curry pastes, simply do the following:

Fry onions in oil until soft. Add some curry spice paste and gently cook for a few minutes. This allows the spices to release all their wonderful flavors and aromas. Next, add your meat or vegetables and cook until sealed. Finally, add some water and leave to simmer for 15-30 mins depending on the recipe.

So a curry paste does take a little bit more work than a sauce, but we think the end result is well worth the effort. A lot of Indian restaurants and curry houses make their curries using our curry pastes, so it really does give you that great authentic taste without the fuss of cooking from scratch.

Plus our curry spice pastes are really versatile – unlike the sauces, you can add more or less curry paste to the recipe depending on how rich or spicy you like it. And you can use it in loads of other recipes aside from curry – like marinades - they are a great way to add spice and flavor to any dish. We have lots of recipe ideas using spice pastes on our site, so take a look.

From scratch

Of course, the most authentic way is to cook the curry from scratch. It involves getting all the whole spices you need and grinding and blending them yourself. Or you can buy all your spices already ground. Once you've done that the process is fairly similar to using a spice paste (but just takes a bit longer.) But if you want to give it a go, check out our recipe section for some ideas.

Mussels and shrimp in light curry

NEW Veggie Curries


Need a quick, yet flavorful and delicious meal in a hurry? Try Patak's® new range of Heat & Eat Veggie curries. Simply heat in 90 seconds and enjoy for lunch or as a side to your curry feast.

Why not try our Butter Chickpeas with sweet potato and spinach made with chickpeas, spinach and vegetables in a mild, creamy tomato and butter sauce – a veggie twist on traditional Butter Chicken! There's also Chickpea Korma with green beans and cauliflower and Lentil Tikka Masala with pumpkin and sweet peppers. Pair with some Basmati rice or warm Naan for a delicious meal or a quick and easy side. Thank's Patak's®!